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Fournier Controls is an American manufacturer of instrumentation equipment serving the petroleum, chemical and industrial markets. We specialize in tank level measurement products including displacer high level alarm switches, annunciators, tank level gauges (gaugeboard and gaugehead types), tank vents, and vent air driers etc. Our products are built with pride in Melbourne, Florida, continuing our tradition of supplying quality control equipment to the Petro-Chemical Industry for over 35 years. Our Displacer Switches have been installed in all 50 States, the Caribbean and South America to provide independent fail safe overfill protection.
Our Explosion proof Displacer Switches were designed to meet the overfill protection needs of major Petroleum Companies such as Exxon, Shell Oil, Hess Corp. Our equipment became their standard to be in compliance with The American Petroleum Standard 2350 which covers overfill protection for all aboveground storage tanks in petroleum facilities, including refineries, terminals, bulk plants, and pipeline terminals that receive Class I (flammable) liquids from mainline pipelines or marine vessels. Since we provide equipment specifically for this industry, our customers are assured of our dedication to provide the best product for their overfill protection needs.

Fournier Controls is well known for the Model 6761P2 Displacer Switch designed for preventing tank spills from over fills. complete data is here

This switch assembly is all mechanical, no AC or DC power is required, only the opening or closing of a switch take place as liquid raises the displacers.

The Model 6761P2 Displacer Switch assembly is installed on the top of a tank mounted on a 4" flange. This switch assembly provides two (2) points of level detection. As liquid in the tank rises and comes in contact with the displacers a switching action takes place. This switch is all mechanical, no AC or DC power is required, only the opening or closing of a switch take place as liquid raises the displacers.

The Model 6693 Operation Checker (diagram shown with a displacer switch) permits an operator to check the operation of the switches without removing the switches' protective cover. This is an optional recommended accessory. The standard materials of construction of the Model 6761 is aluminum housing and flange, stainless steel isolation tube, stainless steel cable, PVC displacers and all trim parts stainless steel.

The switches are of the encapsulated mercury type with the following ratings: 10 amps at 30 VAC, 5 amps at 115 VAC, 2.5 amps at 220 VAC. Other switches, flange sizes or threaded connections, and materials are available.

When ordering specify tank tagging, product, temperature, specific gravity, tank pressure and type of tank (cone roof, internal floating pan, etc).

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