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Model 6693-Operation Checker

operation checker The Model 6693 Operation Checker is designed for mounting between a Displacer Switch or a float switch and the tank nozzle. This permits the responsible personnel to mechanically operate the alarm switch in order to be certain that the circuits operate properly when the displacers or float rises due to increasing liquid levels.

The Model 6693 Operation Checker is supplied with a steel body, cast iron threaded flanges and stainless steel trim.

The units are inspected and tested under pressure to assure that thereis no vapor leakage when installed on tanks utilizing pressure and vacuum breather valves.

Normally the Operation Checker would be installed on a roof nozzle, but if the Operation Checker is installed directly on the tank roof where there is a roof slope of 3/" in 12", the base flange can be supplied tapered so that the Operation Checker will be in a vertical position when bolted directly against the roof.

The Operation Checker Model numbers are as follows:

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